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Certainly myth attests to the presence of the Giza Pyramids before the dynastic era. It also explains that they were not originally considered tombs. The god Re was put in a coffin and sealed up within the Great Pyramid as a punishment and not by his own intention to use it as his tomb. He was however rescued on the third day. Hence leading to the later tradition of placing empty coffins inside of pyramids and encorporating these major pyramids into the mortuary cult of pharaohs in the dynastic period. The actual burials of these kings were elsewhere, especially at Abydos.

As popularized in "Fingerprints of the Gods", there is evidence of a global pre-historic civilization. It is not clear exactly what to make of it though. Myth describes the gods as having supernatural strength of making use of beasts that were capable of lifting enormous stones. There does not seem to be any mention of special hardware that would have left an archaeological trace.

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