Pyramid Power
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Once we convince ourselves that Khufu of the Egyptian 4th Dynasty was not responsible for original construction of the Great Pyramid, the time constraint on building is removed. In other words, this monument could have been built over centuries with a far smaller work-force and alternative methods. The Pyramids were obviously ancient multi-purpose, multi-tasking buildings. They were observatories, certainly. They were called "pure mountains", and probably in the sense of a man-made volcano (capable of supporting very high temperature chemical reactions).

Yes, there was the opportunity for many "advanced civilizations" to rise and fall in the distant past, especially in the last 200,000 years or so. These societies probably did not become technological in the modern sense, but no doubt had their fair share of capability. In myth, society devolves rather than evolves, and as the result of periodic catastrophes. The kings that ruled after a catastrophe were considered mere mortals in comparison to the "gods" on the other side of a divide.

Questions then arise. Was there a visitation (space mission, whatever) from another world about 250,000 years ago. What "gifts" did that "Voyager" bring Earth in terms of human biology and technology? Are the myths correct in their memory of an original divine family that travelled over the Earth almost at will and performed other supernatural acts? Was all that followed but a poor simulation and a gradual loss of an interstellar inheritance?

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