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It is without doubt time to look into the abyss....itís a good thing they are not eating heretics any more!!!!

Presume for a moment that the pyramids were in fact built by a yet unknown race.....lets look at what we do know....the construction could only be the product of a society far larger than attributed to early Egypt.....

The really interesting question is....if we continue to speculate...why the hell did they build it in the first place?????

Seems as if our most ancient myths have to do with species ending catastrophes....have you seen the computer generated shots of asteroids hitting the earth....they create tremendous surface displacements.....

If you were an advanced society....perhaps one that spanned the globe....they may have had the technology to know an asteroid was approaching....perhaps years in advance.....That society may have had knowledge of time space relativity....and perhaps even had a better understanding of etheric energies (ie...crystal and pyramid energy fields and properties....)

Could they have constructed the sphinx and pyramids as a "cultural survival ark and marker"....the mass of the pyramid could have maintained stability underneath it for a small cadre of survivors and provisions for a period of time, perhaps long enough until the surface was once again stable enough to begin supporting life??? This could also explain why there is similar construction in South America of similar vintage.

The idea that the "ancients" invested massive amounts of their potential GDP for decades into a giant burial chamber is only slightly less insane than the rantings presented herein.....I believe that the timelines presented by early hominid remains 3 - 3.5 million years ....presents more than adequate time for the rise and fall of many advanced societies spanning 5,000 to 50,000 years...

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