Sociology of Egptology


You sum up the dilemma quite well. Either the major pyramids were built by a pre-dynastic group of unknown origin or were the products of the early Old Kingdom pharaohs. Neither alternative is very attractive, but one has to be correct. Due to chronological considerations the second alternative is being more and more unfeasible. The other becomes the more likely by process of elimination. As William Theaux once said, "Pope's serpents have swallowed their serpents". And as Robert Eisenman suggests we do on account of Atwill, It's time to look into the abyss.

Ron, I give you credit for one thing. You are willing to consider even the most outlandish possibilities. You make me feel like a conservative! I'm ready to banish you again for your second offense against the Hyksos. I'm trying to do research here, not run a chat room. And remember, I'm no better than my ancestors the Hyksos!

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