Hanno and Sargon!

From Chapter 35 of your book you wrote;

"We do not know the side of Shabaka in this story. According to the inscriptions of Sargon, it was the idea of Tiglath-pileser III, whom he calls Sib'e (a variant of Shaba-ka), to meet for a "decisive battle," c that is, a final duel to the death, even as Pedubastet (Amaziah) had once summoned Seti (Jehoash). Although claiming that he was not the aggressor, Shabaka was caught off guard by his advancingd army and then lost his nerve. Rather than risk being captured, Sib'e "fled alone and disappeared like a shepherd whose flock had been stolen." e His army was left to be routed and his ally Hanno taken instead. Sargon recorded that Sib'e "was not seen again," at least not by him. After defeating the army of Sib'e/Shaba-ka, Piye did not lead the chase of his vanquished brother but instead moved to secure his kingdom in Mesopotamia. This brought him into conflict with Marduk-Baladin of Babylon and Humbaniggash of Elam, whom he also claims to have subdued."

RE, the above, just whom was the Hanno?, obviously he is Hanno of Gaza! IE, the Gaza strip, etc. Lands that might well have had a lot of Philistine / Egyptian connections in Biblical times.

It is the name that intrigues me. Hanno of Gaza, and much later in time "Hanno the Great" of Carthage!

A time line related to the Hanno of Carthage, all times BCE;

"384 Carthage renews war, initiating minor skirmishes.
375 Carthage defeated at Cabala Mago and 10,000 soldiers killed. Mago's son Himilco defeats Dionysius near Himera truce favorable to Carthage concluded.
367 Dionysius attacks Carthaginian base at Lilybaeum stopped when fleet defeated by warships under Hanno the Great.
366 Dionysius I dies, still at war with Carthage.
360 Hanno the Great crucified following unsuccessful attempt to usurp power.
350 Carthage leading Western power.
348 Second treaty with Rome.
343 Mago sails to Syracuse to drive out the usurper. Fails and commits suicide in order to avoid court martial upon his return. Hasdrubal and Hamilcar make a second attempt, losing a battle at Segesta. Hasdrubal executed. Gisco, son of Hanno the Great, authorized to make peace Sicily divided along Halycus River. 2nd Sicilian War ends.
340 Power struggle in Syracuse ends with Timoleon of Corinth victorious.
338 Uneasy, yet prosperous peace in Sicily.
334 Alexander the Great conquers the Eastern World. Carthage makes peace with the Greek empire and with the Lagos monarchy in Egypt.
323 Alexander dies."

I assume "Hanno the Great" should or probably should be followed by "Admiral", or "Navigator", etc., since it was his fleet that reportedly found its way around Western Africa, and first reported the existance of the great apes (gorillas?).

But, related to your theme(s), notice that at least one historian mentions that he was "crucified", and was followed by a son of some fame named Giso! Is it strange that Hanno would be crucified?, and not burned to death or flayed?

Did Carthage become so Roman that they adopted Roman ways?

Could "Giso" be a variant of "Gaza?" Certainly vowel substitution could not deny it!

Obviously there only exists about 25-30 years between Hanno, and Alexander the Great! Lots of "Greats" to consider here? Alexander the Great, Hanno the Great, and Sargon the Great", etc.

Could the timeline be so out of kilter to allow such comparisons?

I also could suggest that Tiglath-pilesar, could merely indicate "Tiglath the Lessor?" LOL



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