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Joseph Davidovits, a French geo-polymer expert, has conceived the idea that the ancients poured the vast majority of the large stones that make up the majority of the sites in Egypt! Thus 50 or 100 tonne blocks were no big deal, if they were poured at one time!

Crushed limestone, mixed with the material naturally occuring in the Nile muds, made in such a manner is almost indistinguishable from the real stuff! Thus no heavy lifting was required! Just take the raw materials to the form, mix the ingrediants and pour into the form! No large levers, pulleys, cranes, etc.! Close up photos of the famous robot going thru the small tunnels actually shows the flow of the material!

Info can be found in the book "The Medieval Empire of the Israelits", by Robert Grishin and Vlad Melamed, P. 125-129! Or on the internet!


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