Jason and the Argonauts

"The Greek Myths" as presented by Robert Graves follows a general chronological sequence. The last half of the book deals with New Kingdom events, such as King Pelops and King Cecrops III (Oedipus), The Seven Against Thebes led by Polyneices (Panehesy/Prince Osorkon), which takes place at the end of the reign of Eteocles II (Tut, and resulted in his death), followed by Jason and the Argonauts, and finally the Trojan War.

The story of Jason and the Argonauts forms a kind of prelude to the seige of Troy. It is patterned after the reconquest of Ham, Japheth, Cush, and Nimrod that took place after the Flood of Deucalian, and contains elements of that earlier history and other royals of the "Libyan tanist" type, e.g., Aye-Sheshonq, whose Biblical name Asa has the same meaning as Jason, "healer". In the Egyptian 19th Dynasty, Ramses the Great was the leading Herakles figure. Jason son Aeson was played by his "eldest son" Amenhirkhepshef (better known as the Libyan Osorkon III, as well as Assur-Dan III/Achaemenes/Atarissiya. The Hittite name Atar-issiya relates well to the Biblical epithet of this king, Uzziah. His more personalized Greek name Atreus ("fearless") also appears to derive from Atar-issiya.