"The Grief of Pandion"

By Chapter/Section 47 of "The Greek Myths", we are starting to see material contemporary with the Egyptian Middle Kingdom. A significant event of that dynasty was the murder of Amenemhet II and Sekhemkare by their brother Senusret II. It is reflected in the Greek myth of Pandion, who was bereft of his leading children and left with the "twins" Erechtheus and Butes. Butes, "herdsman", corresponds to the Jacob-figure Senusret II, a.k.a., the Patriarch Jared/Bered.

The name Erechtheus ("hastener") is a form of Enoch/Enki. He is therefore the Joseph-figure of that generation. His successor is Cecrops II, the next Moses-figure. Another leading king of this period and member of the House of Erechtheus is called Ion II. He represents a new Joshua or Nimrod.