"The Greek Myths"

Let's break down the passage from Pausanius quoted in "The Early Greeks" by R.J. Hopper (p 51) regarding what happened after the Trojan War. I'll repost the passage here for everyone's convenience and begin the analysis in following posts.

"When Orestes [successor of Agamemnon] died, his son Tisamenos succeded him ... It was in the reign of this Tisamenos that the Heraclids returned to the Peloponnese. Their names were Temenos and Kresphontes, sons of Aristomachos: the third brother Aristdemos was dead, but his children came with their uncles. In my opinion their claim to Argos and the kingdom of Argos was perfectly just: for whereas Tisamenos was descended from Pelops, the Heraclids were descendants of Perseus. They [the Heraclids] declared that Tyndareos had been driven out by Hippokoon, but that Herakles slew Hippokoon and his children, and handed over the country in trust to Tyndareos. They told the same story about Messenia, how that it also had been given in trust to Nestor by Herakles, after he had captured Pylos. So they drove Tisamenos out of Lacedaemon and Argos, and expelled the descendants of Netor from Messenia.
"These descendants of Nestor were, first, Alkmaion, son of Sillos, son of Thrasymedes; second, Peisistratos, son of Peisistratos; and, third, the sons of Paion, son of Antilochos. With them was also expelled Melanthos, son of Andropompos, son of Boros, son of Penthilos, son of Periklymenos. Tismamenos went with his army and his children to the country which is now called Achaia. Where Peisistratos went, I know not; but all the rest of the Neleids went to Athens, where they give their names to the house of the Paeonids and the house of the Alkmaeonids. Melanthos even came to the throne, from which he had driven Thymoites, son of Oxyntes, the last Athenian king of the house of Theseus."