Charles, reference is made to Chapter 35 of your book where you discuss the life and times of various characters named Sargon.

A poster named Kesatot, at another site, wrote this while we were discussing the origin of the word Nile;

"True the word Nile (s), as we know of it today did come from the Greek.

Looking at Waddels book "The Makers of Civilization" he says that the name of the river in Egyptian hieroglyphic is "Iatur" also a name applied to the land of Egypt. Lower Egypt was called Itur-meh and upper Egypt was called Itur-res. Iatur means The Mouth-land of the Iatur or Nile"

Sargon's later Babylonian title was Ni-lu-ba-ni or "Born on the Nile" Nilu in assyrian meaning "Flood or high on the Nile" Nilu and "bani" means "beget"

I think one has to go back farther than the Egyptians to get the the real mening of words."

You hinted at another meaning for the title or name Sargon. What is your understanding of this word? Certainly adding a "T" in front of the "S", results in the word "TSargon", and IE Tsar, Tzar equals Caesar or Kaisar, etc. Thus, following the currently accepted chronology did Sargon morph into Tsar, etc.? Or, if the currently accepted chronology is totally confused, did it go the other way?

Also, I have made an examination of the word Nile, and have made the observation that the word Knell and or Kneel was a morphing of the word Nile or visa-versa! Knell /Kneel / Nile /Nilus eventually became the name Neil, amongst others.

I would like your opinion on this subject(s).



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