Hocus Focus
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The book already has a title that I felt captured its essence. Yet, "Living in Truth: Archaeology & the Patriarchs" would probably not be the best one for a popular offering. This subject has been discussed here before if you care to search for it. (Use the keyword "Ankhemmaat".)

Consider my mission completed. I'm only alive for a geological instant, so why should I spend it all fulfilling the wishes of others. We don't need Thunderdome or another hero! The only thing that makes any sense is to do only what I enjoy and let others do the same.

In the past I strove to write book chapters and make a formal posting at least once a year. Didn't do that this year and have no plan for such in the coming one either. What's the hurry? Human beings aren't much interested in truth and Brad and Angela will probably be breaking up soon anyway!