Various Meanings

Hi Pete,

Yes, I think it should be acknowledged, at least, that the works of Revelation and the Gospels - as well as the rest of the Bible, Greek and Hebrew - also have their symbolic, allegorical and esoteric meanings on different levels which, as you suggest, can be applied in various ways to this existence of ours.

It is also worth noting that the imagery and stories used in the biblical scriptures have for the most part their origins in a large variety of traditions and cultures and are in no sense exclusively "Hebrew" or "Christian" as is often implied.

However, as you say, these symbolic and allegorical meanings of the biblical stories do not necessarily contradict or invalidate the theories and models put forth by Joe and Charles. The Roman leaders, as well as the ancient Egyptians and the Hebrews (whoever they were) certainly were well versed in this sort of esoteric imagery and were fully capable of inventing whatever versions of the ageold stories and symbolic imagery they needed for their specific purposes.

If, as Joe suggests, the Gospels and Revelation were composed by the Flavians to invent a new religion, a kind of emperor cult in disguise, then, of course, these works also of necessity contain a lot of religious and esoteric material and imagery.

However, turned into church dogma and various brands of fundamentalism, much of it has most unfortunately added substantially to what you call humankinds self-created hardships and sufferings...