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I have a different take on Revelation than what you present in your analysis. My take on it does not contradict your work...I believe that the imagery in Revelation has application in many circumstances...I relate to it as a description of the souls journey through human experience....the soul chooses to come to this life to experience the perception of separation from the this space, "the darkness", fear enters the experience....the fear gives rise to all sorts of self-created hardship and suffering....possibly for the purpose of realizing its own true nature...that of spirit...and that being its true nature, (ie. the resurrection story)...that fear and all suffering is a function of the inability to see creation as benevolent...and that its our inability to see this "oneness" or "certainty of salvation" that creates the suffering.

John 1 1-5...the prodigal son ...allude to this aspect of our existence....

The 666 business may describe the three dimensional nature of this plane of existence...we created this reality...for the purpose of rediscovering our spiritual and indestructible natures...and then to carry that message to others...the description of Christ with a sword-tongue is a clear allusion to a powerful message....the lamb...."humility" only the lamb having forfeited its perception of self (as the center of its own existence) through sacrifice...was worthy to receive that message and break the seals.....The beasts of revelations can represent many things which result from actions taken out of fear....when I fail to see my own indestructible nature...I proceed on the presumption of providing for survival in this life...but I find no relief from the fear...there is never enough safety and security that I can commandeer to dull this is only by changing the paradigm that I have a chance of obtaining that true freedom....real tricky to hold on to these precepts in Domatianís time or our's...

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