"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan", etc.

It even may be that STC, might have connected X'ian and Zion, when he conceived "Xanadu?" IE, Xan, Xian, and Zion! Even the famous Khan who STC called Kubla, instead of Kublai, reveals some interesting facets. From the Wikipedia site;

"However, Kublai Khan's domestic policy also included some aspects of the old Mongol living traditions, and as Kublai Khan continued his reign, these traditions would clash more and more frequently with traditional Chinese economical and social culture.

He also introduced paper currency although eventually a lack of fiscal discipline and inflation turned this into an economic disaster. He encouraged Chinese arts and demonstrated religious tolerance, except in regards to Taoism. His capital was at Beijing (then Cambuluc or Dadu 大都 lit. big capital). The empire was visited by several Europeans, notably Marco Polo in the 1270s who may have seen the summer capital in Shangdu (上都 lit. upper capital or Xanadu)."

Note that his capital city was named "Dadu", which is very similar to "Dudu" which some historians have tried to link to David! Yes, King David of Biblical fame. Thus the city was the "city of David",(maybe just meaning 'big city?") or Dudu or Dadu, etc.

Even the life of Kublai Khan has many interesting comparisions to the Biblical kings Saul, David and Solomon!

Interesting also is the connection to the Venetians!

While I will not go into these points here, it is an easy thing for any of you to do, if you are interested?

And, since an ancient area of China has been found to be the home of persons of Western (European) ancestry, maybe the Mongols were not Asian at all?