Friend or Enemy?
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Hi Charles,

You wrote: "It is also completely logical that Domitian would raise up his own prophet Suetonius ("John of Patmos"?) and produce the Book of Revelation to be read intertextually with his biography of Domitian. Yes, why not!"

I´ll tell you why not: The Roman historian Suetonius was in the service of the later emperors Trajan and Hadrian, and not of Domitian of the Flavian family.

When reading Suetonius´ biography on Domitian, it becomes quite obvious that this author in no way is Domitian´s "own prophet". On the contrary, he paints quite a black picture of the last Flavian emperor. Domitian, like Nero, obviously had his biography written by his enemies, and not by any "prophet" of his own.

So, if the Book of Revelation was written by someone close to Domitian (or even by himself) it was most probably written during his lifetime. The biography by Suetonius was a much later work, yet, as it seems, in certain details confirming what might earlier have been writ down by someone close to Domitian in the so-called Book of Revelation.


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