..still confused re primogeniture

... uhhhh, sorry, charles, but i'm still lost as to the JERUSALEM temple priests relying on primogeniture. Are you agreeing with statement made by byrne in 'the jesus gene'.... that even those in levite line could not hold major priestly positions if they were not first-born sons.

To confuse the issue even more, i've read [not in 'the jesus gene'] that high--priestly clans practiced polygamy... even in days of roman occupation [another tid--bit i'd love to have confirmed or denied]. IF these families were practicing polygamy, then it seems
the issue of 'who's on first'....errrr....'who's first born'.... becomes even more complicated. We have waldo wed to betsy and paula and corrine all at same time. Is betsy's first son the 'first born'..... what about first son of paula ? First son of corrine ?

In other words, the possiblity of temple priests 'passing on' priestly duties ONLY to first--borns opens many cans of worms.`