Re: Possibility of "Chinese" as Aamu *PIC*

It is also interesting to note the appearance of "chinese" features on some pharonic statuary. Particularly the slanted eyes and pointed features. We also know that the early "chinese" were pyramid builders. The Great pyramid of Giza was built by Khufu, correct? Or was it Qufu? Perhaps an oriental. Was there not also a pharoah named Tao? Would not the greatest sun worshippers have come from the far east as that is where it would have appeared to be born every morning upon the horizon of the great ocean? They might have traveled west in search of where the sun's final resting place lay, hence the creation of the silk road. The stories of Fuxi and Nuwa strike familiar chords with Enki and Ninki. Yu Huang, the first emperor was worshipped as a god. Following him was the Xia (or "Ya" perhaps?) Dynasty. Could the Three Wise Men from the east who bore witness to the birth of Jesus/Tut have been taoist monk astrologers from the court of Yu Huang?

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Re: Possibility of "Chinese" as Aamu