Columbus Day Exploration
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It is a progressive school that observes Columbus Day. Bon Voyage to the the Titanites. May you reach the "pay dirt".

Also, glad I could cut you some slack by not posting anything new on this topic for a few days!

By the way, I forgot to (explicitly) mention one other source book, "Centuries of Darkness" by Peter James, which deconstructs the conventional chronology of ancient Greece. One of the "collaborators" of Peter James on this book, Nikos Kokkinos, once wrote me a couple of very condescending emails. Essentially, he said I had no business trying to perform historical revisionism with regard to Greece - this was the exclusive domain of experts such as himself! (In other words, "don't try this at home kids".)

I've been searching for king-lists of the early Greek city-states. But, it looks like I'll have to generate my own from various narratives.

I'd like to see if the lineage of Agamemnon, Menelaus, etc., at Sparta, Athens and other leading Greek city-states continues to track with Egyptian royals all the way up to the Persian period. I'd especially like to take a stab at tracing the origins of Solon and the four leading Athenian clans/families: Alcmaeonids, Pisistratids, Boutads, Philaids. Even further afield, why not also look for a link between these families and Roman ones? For example, could Cleisthenes (an Alcmaeonid) be the same as Clausus founder of the Roman Claudian line. Or could the interrelated Piso's of Rome be descended from one of the Athenian tyrants named Pisi/Piesi-stratus?