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Dear Pete!

I hope Charles will not be mad about this? But if you want something a little different and "possibly" easy to dispute, why don't you read up at ? Note the "?" does not compute!

Wuth all due regard and respect for Charles and this site, it would seem (to those on the above list), that his relationships exist because of a lot of great writers! Writers of the 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries of the current era! Some maybe earlier?

Thus, I think Charles has actually forged a great connection, by his works, to the great writers of the more recent past, who had the greatest part in creating the chronology we tend most often to use today as "fact!"

Certainly Charles would be the first one to state that the currently accepted chronology of the world must be reviewed very closely!

If you can avoid the political "think speak" that now exists on the site, and if you take the time to go back into the history of the message board, maybe you might take the time to challenge this group?

Certainly Charles has done so much to combine generations within generations of actors,that one might think, that he has, for some part, actually been critiquing writers (fiction?) of the past!

Personally, it is my opinion that the works of Charles and the site mentioned above, might well be merged into a co-herent, "revised history" acceptable to a lot of open minded persons!

Albeit, Charles is "open minded", and his /this site is nothing more than a labor of love!

My respect for him and his value to historians of the future is unbounded! But, he is more connected to a currently more acceptable version of the past than am I.

It is only by his consideration that he allows me to post here!



I would hope that if you wanted to know more, you may contact me at, but, it is also possible, that you are already familar with me and the site mentioned above, and you feel no reason at all to fool with something so weird and confrontational?

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