Delphinios and Dolphins

Mr. Pope,

Our conclusion to this data is so expansive that we will require several more days to submit our full analogy. It will also be our quarterly report.

Apollo, Perseus and Seth all seem to have way too much in common, including coming from upper (southern) Egypt, which was by then called Kush with its capital being at Waset (Thebes).

Waset was also home to Karnak or jpt-swt (jupet-sawet) the most select of places, a temple complex dedicated to Amen-Re.

Just down the street was the “Southern Harem” called Luxor, where we see the deified king re-emerge from the brink of chaos as the son of Amen-Re (Amen plus Mut equal Khons).

Logic would dictate that the “Northern Harem” was somewhere near Harran.

“Lord of the two lands” makes more sense if we were talking about Africa vs. Asia. More than likely, Troy was subdued by Perseus.