Greece and Egyptian Kings

Mr. Pope,

This new thread has sparked a lot of interest.

Bringing the Ramses into the family of “Perseus” and also the house of Lydia is exciting. Comparing the “City of Ramses” to Argos makes reasonable sense. If indeed, the “house of Perseus” had existed for several hundred years, would it be unreasonable to entertain the thought that Gershom could also be Pershom?

It is a pity that the forum has taken two giant steps backwards in time, due to some type of racial configuration (confusion).

Our study group includes both male and female from many corners of the world including Iran. Our dark skinned brothers and sisters are perplexed as to the reactions of your several displeased posters.

Jeff wanted to submit a little humor relative to DNA chips and not Buffalo chips but we voided this request.

If at the pleasure of your audience, could we just get back to the nature of this educational discussion?

California Kids