Solon, Solomon and Shalom
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Hi Titan,

I agree that "emhotep" would have been rich in meaning. When used in conjuction with a god, such as in the name Amenhotep III, it seems to have signified that the god had been appeased. In other words, in their thinking there could be no peace unless the gods had been expatiated.

Certainly Amenhotep III was depicted at Amarna (by Pa-Nehesy) as an obese, decrepid king. However, this does not seem to be his reputation elsewhere. In fact, it is typically Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten who is denigrated as a deformed "do-nothing".

Contemporary with the Amarna Period there was a king of Crete named Minos, renowned for ruling in nine-year spans and for law-giving. His namesake was a demigod of the mythological age, and probably corresponds to Thoth of Egypt. The latter Minos seems to reflect Akhenaten, whose reign was interrupted with exile and who was expected to play the role of Moses the law-giver. Akhenaten was also remembered as a Thoth/Minos figure (Hermes Trismegistus).

Perseus and Persia could potentially be related, but is there any indication that Persians venerated the equivalent of Set/Apollo in their own pantheon?

I'd like to explore the Greek connection further, so I've started a dedicated thread.