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Charles, just for "bells and whistles" would you please tell me, just where in the world you really belive these widely seperated kingdoms, if it is true that some one named Jubba II / Herod, etc., actually had some kind of control over them, etc., really were located during the time period of your choice?

As you may well know, there was a small kingdom to the south of Aswan and in a small region between modern Egypt and Sudan with a similar name? Other wise you and others are left with a kingdom to the far west of the Levant or Egypt!

Are all of the maps made today that create the kingdoms of the times wrong?

Are all of the geo-political problems also wrong?

Could you ever make a reasonable map of the Med. area with your combined reigns?

Can you give the map a date, or seperate maps dates?

To me, the only connection that could make Western N. Africa have any relationship to what is known about Parthia, could only be a religious one! Imperial connections seem to me to be impossible across such an area during the times now associated with Herod or Jubba!

Your opinion is appreciated, and will not be maligned!



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