Phraataces and Phillip
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Alternatively, Phraataces might correspond to Phillip I. If you recall, I proposed that Phillip I and II were both the sons of Mariamne II (a.k.a. "Cleopatra of Jerusalem"). Phillip I is considered the son of Herod the Great. Phillip II (Artabanus?), conceived as an heir for Phillip I (Phraataces?), was actually the son of Antipater (eldest son of Herod the Great). This scenario would be more compatible with the association of "Muses" with Cleopatra Selene and Cleopatra of Jerusalem.

There is also some indication that Phillip I was suppressed in the years following the death of Herod the Great. I had reason to suspect that he was appointed High Priest (under his tribal name "Issachar" (Eleazar) in Jerusalem around the time of Herod's death, but was removed either in 4 AD or 6 AD.