Solomon, the Egyptian.
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I confess that I am one of the loonies that believes that the egyptian dating schema is off by 400-500 years. I think David actually *is* Tuthmose I. I place Solomon at ca. 950bc. I generally follow Velikovsky's model as far as timing and the proofs that he supplies, but like many, I have taken it a step further. Read this ( ) for a summary of his theses on the subject. Next, after reading that, go here for an essay that I generally agree with

Sorry about all the links but I've been writing alot and it saves us both time this way. So, I think the valley of the kings in egypt contains biblical patriarchs. And yes that does mean that I think the "exodus" under Akhnaton took place much later than believed by some.

It doesn't make me a bad person. Alot of Sagas and tales are really true. For example, I also think Erik's son Leif landed on the Cape and called it Vinland. Of course it helps that I've been out there to Noman's Island and seen the inscriptions myself. And seen the Boat pit at Follins Pond. I've also seen the Ogham scripts in Dennis, and Plymouth. And the Templar Shield at Mt. Hope, or Hop as Leif called it. Straumney's a nice place in the summer, if you can stand the crowds. In fact, you can't swing a dead cat where I live without bumping into something Viking. But alas, publishing on the subject is career suicide, so we do these things in our spare time, and talk about them over beers. Helge- I know that you know what I'm talking about here so I won't belabor the point.

Personally, I think Velikovsky's historical work is genius, but his cosmological work is pretty much crazy. The Rohls and Osmans of the world owe him a great debt. I presumed that Charles and Rohl were tipping their hats to him when they titled their works "A Test of Time"- velikovsky's controversial and famous tract)

This is precisely why the greek and assyrian records are so spotty and seemingly do not even confirm the existence of a united israel. They called it Phoenicia and Egypt. And those looking for it are searching periods which are far too ancient.

Baalbek, for example, has been identified with the ancient Dan, and the evidence is carved all over the place there, yet to make connections between biblical persona and actual persons is career suicide for archeologists, so they fumble around what they already know deep down without coming out and saying it. In fact, they recently found a Stela there which was inscribed "House of David"- but since it appeared too recent, it couldn't be "our David."

The old saw that there's no evidence for David or Solomon or even Israel in the tiny area of Palestine where they have looked is like saying " We've searched Rhode Island end to end and we haven't found any evidence of the United States".

I'd be happy to discuss this further if you like. Of course these are just my opinions, and I respect anyone who disagrees intelligently.

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...Or Solomon the Judaized Egyptian?