Re: Evidence of David, Solomon, etc.

One of your responders wrote:

"I would perhaps have trusted Mr. Horace Butler more if he had challenged me - the reader - with some hard-to-dismiss evidence of some sort. Then readers have something to decided whether they should buy the book or not.Anybody out there read this book? Can it be recommended?"

I am Horace Butler. The website that the responder refers to actually had the email to the author and yet, no questions from "Mick" came in.

The Internet now carries answers to whether anyone "recommends" this book. If that book sounded strange to "Mick," wait till he hears of the next one which shows the tomb and remains of King David.

Get ready. We're in a new age and those who are offended by claims that the world is round and not flat, well, they'll come around.

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