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Hi Tim,

We are all returning from our summer adventures!

That's quite an encounter you had at the sheepfold. I can't disagree with the odd wizard. The ancients certainly did learn from animal breeding and inevitably applied it to themselves. Also, in a closed and narrow gene pool the idea of reincarnation/transmigration of souls would make more sense.

I've had some off-line discussions with Joe Atwill about the Hasmonean-Parthian-Ptolemaic connection. He really wants to explore it further. In the mean time, I've been reading books about Greece and Rome in an attempt to broaden my understanding. I've also printed out all the relevant posts from our interaction. I think the associations you made between Herod and Phraates IV (via Muses) to the east and between Herod and Juba (via Cleopatra Salome) to the east deserve more consideration.


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