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Charles, I again tried to send this message directly to Helge first and was told it could not be done, so I am sending to you via the contact page, as you requested. Again, I have been told that it did not work, so, if you do not mind too much, I am again posting.

Hi Helge and Charles!

Thought I'd try to send you this message directly since Charles does not really want me to post on his site.

Liked all of the associations you presented!

But, I just wanted to know, if you considered why twelve has the importance it has received?

As, you well know, there were originally 12 signs in the celestial zodiac! And the heavens or the celestial sphere rotated around a central point, and as such it was visualized as the "Celestial Wheel" or the "Wheel of God!" A wheel with a "river" running thru it, the Milky Way! And you probably also know that in actuality there were really 13 signs!

And, again, as you may or may not know, I have proposed that at one time, the world was a matriarchical society, with rulership passing exclusively thru the female, with the royalty having no concern to the male father, who ever he might have been, men at that time were no more than a drone is to the queen bee, and possibly the reason for the rulership pattern since the society of the bee has been studied for many many years by our ancestors!

Thus, in this martiarchal world, a calendar of months, to describe a year, was simply a lunar one, made up of the naturally occuring periods of ovulation, which is or was 13 periods of 28 days (364 days), plus what ever number of days was necessary to keep the calendar correct, ususally one, to make 365 or two in a leap year, to make 366! In essence it was a lot like the famous "bakers" dozen, 12 + 1 = 13!

But, as you know, the number 13 has for centuries become a mystical or evil number, that is to be avoided. Thus elevators or lifts in many places avoid listing a 13th floor, for good luck.

I feel, as do others that the 12 principal has become prominent since the revolution from a martiarchal society to a patriarchal one! And, as a result, the number 13 was reserved for women, and the evil that they represented to the world.

Certainly the Bible especially denigrated women, especially certain passages of the New Testament and most especially in the writings of the early Christian saints and fathers of the church (See Augustine and Paul as examples).

And, so today we have the unlucky 13, the sign of the evil of women, etc.

But, twelve also has some other connection to our world. It seems that early attempts to make a truly round wheel out of wood, required the use of 12 (or possibly at one time 13?) spokes, which was found by trial and error to be the minimum number of spokes, which would provide strength, but not too much weight!

Probably, we will never know the answer since it is much like "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" question.

Did the "Great Wheel of the Heavens" contain 12 or 13 spokes?

Was there first, a wheel built for a wagon or cart, or did the heavenly wheel come first? A question to ponder? Trial and error? or, a heavenly made solution to the problem of the wheel?

So, the disregard of the use of the wheel, except supposedly in children's toys, in the New World, may just have been a religious adversion to the making of idols, the Wheel of Heaven", became something untouchable and uncopyable by those in charge, etc. Again a question for which there might exist no answer.



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