My Tears
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Mr. Pope,

We as a group have recently wondered why you (of all people) have rejected the truth of Akhmin.

The hill of Akhmin holds the most complete source of data relative to the Royal family of Upper Egypt.

This city is chiefly famous for its papyri and for its tapestries. Among the former, the fragments known as the "Gospel of Peter", the "Apocalypse of Peter", and the "Book of Henoch" hold the first place, but need not be discussed here.

Akhmin was the home of Per-zeus (Amen) son of Danae. Yuya,Tuya! This is the House of Zeus.

Thus Amen was of the house of Zeus or Per-Zeus (per-shon or Persian).

You have attempted to omit the TRUTH from your analogy and therefore have reduced yourself to being one of the fallen angles.

Whywhyhave you done this?


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