Re: Twelve Tribe Nations


Although the specific site of Palenque is not mentioned in the book, the Mayas are. It says:

"The tradition [of societies based on a duodecimal foundation] has been known in almost the same form from the Pacific islands to northern Scandinavia. Nor is it confined to the continents of Asia and Europe. The twelve-fold pattern is also found in Africa, in Egypt and the north, among the tribes of the west coast and in the island of Madagascar to the south-east. In America it was established long before the European invasions. The Aztec zodiac had 12 signs similar to those of the Chinese. The Mayans told of 12 paths by which their tribes had miraculously crossed the ocean to inhabit Yucutan, and 12 priests presided over their religious initiations. In North America the Pueblo Indians also recognized 12 religious orders. South of the Great Lakes, the Winnebago Indians had a 12-clan society, in which four superior clans represented the heavenly quarters." (Page 15).

This is not about the "lost tribes of Israel" in any literal interpretation, but an acknowledgement of the universalness of the twelve tribe pattern. The books says:

"The foundation plan of these 12-tribe societies was a symbolic chart of the heavens, divided into 12 sectors which were named after the twelve constellations and governed by 12 principal gods. It is impossible to say when or where this idea arose, for it occurs in the earliest traditions and histories of virtually every nation." (Page 12).

It seems as if the universality of the twelve tribe pattern has been clouded (as have so many other things) by the biblical doctrines on the "twelve tribes of Israel". As shown in the book "Twelve Tribe Nations", twelve tribes was just the normal thing, not something exclusively "biblical" or Hebrew as taught by the medieval Church.