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Sir Charles, in response to your response, giving me the web address as:

I could not get this address to work, and since, I am now aged 60 plus, my memory does not let me reply in tune to your remarks, then you might well have to give me more information?

But, the "70 year Sojourn in Babylon" does make an impression on me, since that also just happens to be the "exact" period of time, given to the Avignon, France displacement of the popes, in a period that is referred to by many "experts" as "the Babylonian Exile!"

As you wrote: "To use the Sumerian expression, kingship was carried away by the "Benjaminites" from Babylon to Egypt."

So, considering that during the so called Roman and Greek periods, that there reportedly existed a city in what we today call Egypt, (but what it was really called then is nothing but supposition) that was known as Babylon, then maybe we have to suppose that there was an Egypt, located in some other place?



Funny how two such dispariate exiles could be known by the same name?



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