70 Year Sojourns in Babylon
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Ron, I received your emails from the Contact Page.

You might recall the discussion we had about the Intermediate Periods:

It seems that Egyptian climate (for lack of a better term) was not expected to preclude civilization for longer than 70 years at a stretch. The primary royal court could then return from Babylon to Egypt again. Egypt was special, because the Benjamin line of gods (Anu-Ptah-Horus) had precedence there, and were subordinate only to the line of Shu/Enlil whose greater throne was in Mesopotamia. After the Flood, the former world was turned upside down. To use the Sumerian expression, kingship was carried away by the "Benjaminites" from Babylon to Egypt.

The establishment of the New Thebes/Jerusalem in Israel was an attempt by the royal court to break the expected pattern. After the destruction of Thebes in Egypt and the move of high culture to Babylon, it did not go back to Egypt after 70 years as otherwise might be expected. The royal family made Persia the center of the Empire rather than Egypt. Nevertheless, the roots of dynastic culture in Egypt were not forgotten, as evidenced by Alexander's pilgrimage.