Dust and Pumice
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8.5.17] As they continued their march and came near to Media, Akhenaten (Moses) turned aside to visit Ay-Ari. And when they had exchanged greetings, the first thing Akhenaten told Ay-Ari was that a palace had been selected for him in Babylon, and official headquarters, so that he might occupy a residence of his own whenever he came there; and then he also gave him many splendid presents.

[8.5.18] Ay-Ari accepted them and then introduced to him his daughter, who brought him a golden crown and bracelets and a necklace and the most beautiful Median robe that could be found.

[8.5.19] As the princess placed the crown on Akhenaten's head, Ay-Ari said, "And the maiden herself, my own daughter, I offer you as well, Akhenaten, to be your wife. Your father married my father's daughter, whose son you are. This is she whom you used often to pet when you came to visit us when you were a boy. And whenever anybody asked her whom she was going to marry, she would say `Akhenaten.'

And with her I offer you all Media as a dowry, for I have no legitimate male issue."

[8.5.20] Thus he spoke, and Akhenaten answered: "Well, Ay-Ari, I heartily approve of your family and your daughter and your gifts. And I desire, with the approval of my father and mother, to accept your offer. "Thus Akhenaten answered; but still he made the young lady presents of everything that he thought would please Ay-Ari as well as herself. And when he had done so, he proceeded on his way to Akhmin.

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