Times of dark ages!

Charles, respecting your desire that I not to post anymore, I again am trying to use the "contact area." And, whoops, it did not work again! So, if you do not mind too much, I will just post it! I know you can edit it if you want!

Tobin wrote;

"The leader of the settlers was Aristoteles, but he was called Battus (stammerer), but is probably a Libyan royal title. In the following centuries, Battus' descendants ruled Cyrene."

I was surprised that Tobin did not make any connection with Moses since he too spoke only with difficulty (therefor Aaron spoke for him) and may have been a stammerer or stutterer, etc. People with this afliction are hard to understand, and in any language, where this particular way of speaking may not be common, a hearer might call such speech "barbarous!" But, such speaking problems seemed to have been more common than most people realize since other leaders(in the Med./ European area) than Moses and Battus are known to have had it.

Second, in another section, you spoke of the differing problems that are suggested to have occurred in Egypt during the end of the 12th dynasty, and those that occurred during the end of the 18th. Certainly those at the end of the 12th proceeded a period now called by that name that seems only to exist in Egypt as an "Intermediate Period!" In most works in other societies, such a period would more likely be called "Dark", or a "Dark Age!" But in Egypt, it is I think called the "Second Intermediate Period", since it represents the second of such periods where Egypt fell into decay and left few remains to be found.

As you are well aware, there have been plenty of Egyptologists and revisionists who have pondered the curious similarities between the names of those kings of the 11th and 12th dynasties and those kings of the 18th, such as Heindrich Brudge! ( maybe some of the 19th).

And as such, some of these people (me at least) consider them to be the same dynasty artificially removed from its correct place in time, (if not both).

You seem to follow the majority in considering them as two (or three or four) seperate dynasties far removed in time. That is do you consider all of the dynasties in between to have existed, IE, the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, etcetera?

Since you seem to see two differing disasters, you must consider the dynasties to be differing also. But, can you consider that the disaster, if it was but one, might possibly have just been described differently depending upon where the viewer lived in Egypt?

If so, then if the event was caused by the eruption of Thera, then the coast and delta of Egypt, would have seen a much different level of destruction, than upper Egypt. The delta might have seen an inundation or flood from the sea and not the river caused by a mighty tsunami, one that might have been 50 feet or more in height! Thus flooding all of the delta with sea water. Of course if this happened during the natural overflow of the Nile, then it would have been greatly exaggerated well up river since the river channel(s) would have been further backup up by the sea waters.

We also know such an eruption might have released a lot of earthquakes near or in the Nile valley area. If they were of a great level, then it might have been possible for the Nile itself to have been blocked by rising land, or fallen cliffs, etc., which would have temporarily blocked the river and caused even more flooding South of the dammed area(s)?

The above, along with the other events (as described in Exodus) that follow an eruptions such as the fall of ash, the pushing of animals and insects from their normal habitat into new areas, etc., might have produced totally differing views of the same event? One that of the delta area, North of Memphis or so, and the other in the upstream areas, South of Memphis, or in Thebes, etc.!

And, if the above theory is correct, or if it can be considered then you would have the meshing of the 11-12th dynasty kings and those of the 18th! And, along with that, the dissolution of many years from the accepted chronology!

I just wondered how your theories would handle such a revision or if you would consider the above theory (not just mine) at all?

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