Charming Dad

Mr. Pope,

Now you are starting to be sweet and charming, that is all some of us want.

It seems so romantic that your song sang out at nearly the same moments El-Mose- fire was posted. (Is EL talking to you?)

Please, please understand that at no time has Titan, Jeff or I, ever expected or presumed that you and any other person should drop their lunch and run to the river, merely because our boat is about to port.

We have been sifting thru your massive archive and have noticed that you have at least 7 well informed posters. In fact we have noted several threads where you were never required to post.

I (we) were hoping several of your old crew would have gotten back on board by now and relieve you of the responsibility of responding to every question, project or attitude.

By the wayis your son cute? Does he like older women?


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