St. Elmo's Fire and My Own Exodus
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My fair lady, I'm not sure where we are going with this one ... ??

I suppose the Internet allows people to take the stage and act out a role of their own choosing. I would be suspicious though of any so-called master of linguistics (real or fictional) that is out of touch with their own humanity. What is there that is more human than language?

You perhaps overestimate my skills and underestimate my capacity to feel and empathize. Yesterday I heard the theme song to St. Elmo's Fire twice in the same day on two different radio stations as I was driving home from a business trip. That was the song selected for my charming "Bridezilla" to walk down the isle at our wedding! Little did I know I was about to walk the plank! Five and a half years with that woman and I lost all my religion and began researching history and religion.

Is it proper then to thank her for persecuting me into producing what became this web site? Not sure I can answer that even yet. I had loving parents who encouraged me to be a healer and an achiever. How unprepared was I for a world full of messed up people who don't know how to do anything but mess up other people who try to help them!

I also think you expect too much from me and this web site. Just because someone has access to the Internet doesn't mean that they should presume that everyone whith a web site should drop everything and join their cause. You are young, so that sentiment is pardonable. I wish "the gang" luck in their pursuit. Try not to take it quite so seriously though. This was my war to win. But, I think your generation may have other and more important battles.


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