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Henry Higgins a professor of phonetics is nearly 40 years old and loves his work and lives for nothing else. He is a teacher but only in the very limited since.

Although he comes from a good family, he is arrogant, rude, self-centered and always says what he thinks without considering other peoples feelings. Furthermore, he cannot even understand why anyone should be offended.

He is genuinely surprised at peoples reaction and says that he never intends to hurt their feelings. In fact, he is so egoistic that he never considers other people at all, not even when he deliberately offends them. Irresponsibly he is so insensitive that he does not even understand the problem.

Higgins disdain of convention and hatred of pretentiousness reflect the authors own attitude to what he see's as empty rituals whose only purpose is to reinforce the barriers between outside thinking.

He does not realize how hard others have worked. He makes them feel that he is no longer interested in them.

In fact, Higgins does not deliberately manipulate the followers. He simply does not think about them as persons. The experiment fascinated him to such an extent that he did not stop to think of any possible consequences.

In themselves, Higginss passion for his work and his tremendous energy are admirable qualities. He really loves his on line book and is distressed to hear it spoken badly. In fact, the only time he shows sensitivity is when he talks about the language.

Although we may admire him as a linguistic genius and find his enthusiasm endearing, at the same time we deplore his self-centeredness and childish behavior.

EL seems to be suggesting that Higgins skills do not compensate for his lack of human qualities.

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