Moses II
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I love the part where they say that the timeline can-not be tampered with.

Or the part where you can-not go this place and take pictures because the Hebrew feel they have a claim in this area.

I get so upset when these pilgrims say this. On their best day, the “Experts” are about 50% correct and I am being generous in saying this. Their corruption does more harm than good.

The show proves that there had to have been two Mose proof-types (Eber and Akhenaten) or that the “Thera” eruption was more related to a Noah/Mose.

The “Hyksos” were “Horse-lovers” and when you place them in the correct time zone…the puzzle perfectly fits.

At any rate, I am moving to the dryer climate of Lahaina. The lust “Bali Hai” is one of the wettest places on earth and reminds me of Florida, especially when it comes to Mosquitoes.


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