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>CP:Hi Mark, Great link!

-M: Thanx!

>CP: The correlation with Mesopotamia is very crude before the Ptolemies. For example, in 1525 B.C. the chart has an entry:
"Arya in Egypt" What does that signify?

-M: I have been pressed for time and haven't studied this, but my guess is that it refers to non-Semetic/Indo-Ayran ("Aryan" - scary word - Sanskrit meaning 'noble') horse-tribe/steppe descendents.

>CP: I think you mentioned another author in a previous post that tried to correlate Indian and Mesopotamian dynasties. Any luck in finding an on-line source for that? -Chararaja

-M: That is W.A. Waddell. No, my only source is a paper copy from the University of Washington. Maybe my recent link will lead to something similar.

Mark, Seattle WA USA