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Mr. Pope,

What “Big Sister” was saying (advising) is that we should move on to another chat room in light of the fact that no one else is posting here.

Instead, the group voted to hang in there a little longer because you offer us the taste of rejection; which has the counter effect of forcing ourselves to out best the critics.

Your statement:

It is interesting that one of the first Nubian kings is called Kashta, literally meaning "The Cushite". By the way, his Libyan name was Iuput II. (Put ~ Cush) I agree that the so-called Kassite Dynasty of Babylon reflects the Biblical name Cush. The rulers of this dynasty have also been shown here to be of the same family as the Egyptian pharaohs. So, I think the true tie between Cush of Egypt and Cush of Mesopotamia, as well as the two regions in general, is that one ruling house that lorded over both regions.

This is so profound because you will in effect show that one ruling house “Lorded” over two lands.

Jeff is still picking up his teeth off the floor. Lord of the two Lands, king of upper and lower Kush (Egypt & Mesopotamia).

Mr. Pope, you are indeed a true genius! But what really makes this all work is your time line of 600 BC.

Ancient Media was said to include Mittani, Hittite, and upper Kushite tribes; which would amount to modern Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Kerman-shah.

Here again, forget the dates, but in 633 BC, Cyaxares I allied himself with Babylon and destroyed Ninevah. Odds are in favor of a daughter/wife exchange which could only reinforce the one Royal Family.

Median priest were called the Magian.
Zoroaster was originally a Magian priest.
Somewhere there is a hidden story here.

Team Titan

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