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There was certainly a Cush in Mesopotamia as well as another in Egypt/Africa. The conflating of the two regions is found in the Table of Nations in Genesis. Many a commentator has struggled with the apparent contradiction that Cush (of Upper Egypt) could be the father of Nimrod (of Mesopotamia). But when we realize that the ruling family transcended national boundaries the problem is resolved.

I have never suspected any link between the place name of Medjay and Media. That's not to preclude one. Libyan tribes were scattered all over the place, including Upper Egypt and the Mitanni region of Mesopotamia.

The leading expert on the Medjay seems to be the author of an ancient Egyptian mystery series:

Possibly you could get some further clues from her books.

We can be reasonably certain that the chief of the Medjay was invariably a member of the royal family, such as Neby. The Medjay chief Dedu in the time of Thutmose III would not have been an exception. This group and their function appears to have become far too important by that time to leave in the hands of a commoner or native tribesman.

It is interesting that one of the first Nubian kings is called Kashta, literally meaning "The Cushite". By the way, his Libyan name was Iuput II. (Put ~ Cush) I agree that the so-called Kassite Dynasty of Babylon reflects the Biblical name Cush. The rulers of this dynasty have also been shown here to be of the same family as the Egyptian pharaohs. So, I think the true tie between Cush of Egypt and Cush of Mesopotamia, as well as the two regions in general, is that one ruling house that lorded over both regions.

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