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Mr. Pope,

My older sister believes that the Kassites are one in the same as the Kushites and feels that you are on the right trail.

In her opinion all Historians…think too much and do better in confusing the issue than understanding it.

She wonders if we are still on the subject of Nabu as Neby then:

Neby was said to be a Chief of the Medjay (Police).

Commander Dedu was a Cushite who served under Tuthmosis III as the Chief of the Medjay Police Militia of the 18th dynasty.

These troops were Cushite warriors who distinguished themselves in the Egyptian battle against the Assyrian invaders during the following Period and the early parts of the new Kingdom.

The Medjay were a people related to Cush. They became part of the Egyptian militia as scouts and minor workers.

They helped Kamose and Ahmose in their fight against the Hyksos (Gimirri/Cimmerian) [possible House of Khumri] in the Delta.

During the peace that followed the Medjay became the state police. They also served as the main occupational forces for various garrisons and fortresses.

The key word is Garrison, indicating that they were the Medja or the Medes who displaced the Assyrians.

Big Sister feels we have "Hit pay dirt" and feels that we should move forward.

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