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Mr. Pope,

The following was sent to me by my older sister.

The pharaohs (big house) are known to us today under their personal names, such as Rameses and Amenhotep, and there may be more than one of each.

The renal numbers as in Amenhotep IV are modern and were NOT used by Egyptians, who instead use an immensely complicated variety of royal titles and epithets. Three of the most common they used were the nsw-bty or personal name, the s3-r` or reign name, and the h.r or Horus name.

Essential note on language:

Vowels were not written, so Egyptologists conventionally make-up words pronounceable by turning w into u, y into i, 3 and ` into a, and adding e elsewhere (when ever they feel like it): so those consonant skeletons are said nesu-biti, sa-ra, her. In some cases the vowels can be deduced from Greek transcriptions, so you get variation.

Where the conventional rule would give Ra and hetep and Imen, you often or usually see Re and hotep and Amen, Amon, or Amun. So there is no one right way of giving a name in English.

Now going back:

Per your chapter 29, Scribe Horemheb, Amenhotep the wise and Vizier Ramoses were somehow related to Chief Heby/Neby. You also allow Mutuya to equal Tuya.

Please note the following names and disregard the dates:

Nabu-apla-usur (Nabopolassar) 626 - 605 BCE
Nabu-kudurri-usur (Nebuchadrezzar) II 605 - 562 BCE
Nergal-ar-usur (Nergal-sharezer) 560 - 556 BCE
Nabu-na'id (Nabonidus) 556 - 539 BCE


Nabu could easily equal Neby.

Sar (king) and Usur (Osiris) per Helge Harbard = 'Anuk Ausar' ("I am Ausar, or Osiris") is at the core of the Egyptian mysteries, the teaching of the One divinity dwelling within the manifold creation, and, consequently, within man too. (One needs to read the thread)


If the Assyrians had conquered Egypt (when-ever) 666 BC, then they would have been on the kings list.

If in 612 BC, (Mose) and the Medes whoop the Assyrians then they would have been on the kings list.

One of the above Nabus was Neby!

Big Sister

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