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Oh you are getting very clever with your word plays. Love it!

I haven't made a detailed analysis of the various king lists from archaeology. My main gig has been making a correlation with the Biblical accounts (and its internal king-lists). Ramses I, Seti I, and Ramses II correspond to the Biblical sequence of Ahaziah II, Jehoash, and Jeroboam II.

Regarding archaeological king-lists, this is the subject of one of Donald Redford's little known books:

Part of that book is a study of the Biblical Joseph. I've read most of it in the library, but don't have my own copy.

One of the 19th Dynasty king-lists also omits the entire Hyksos period. I think that is the one composed by Seti I and/or Ramses II at Abydos. It at least reveals a tendency on the part of the 19th Dynasty pharaohs toward suppression, but does not in itself rule out your proposal.

There is no certain proof that Ay designated Horemheb as his successor. I discuss the circumstantial proof in my on-line book, and again correlate the career of Ay (and his many aliases) with the Biblical Kings/Chronicles narrative.

The mummy of Ramses I has not been identified with complete certainty. So, you have that going for you as well. The last I heard, a mummy believed to be his was found in the Niagra Falls Daredevil Museum, bought by a museum in Atlanta, and finally returned to Egypt. But opinion seems to be divided and the Egyptian authorities do not intend to perform any DNA tests to my knowledge. There is at least one thread on this forum about this topic.

I try not to take sides in the Akhenaten debate. I have instead tried to paint a balanced picture and show that he was a product of his culture, which included stereotyping those with his particular role as the murderer and heretic god Ra.

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