Ramses II, His Own Grandfather?
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In order to combine the figures of Ramose, Ramses I, and Ramses II, you would have to find a way to break the sequence of Ramses I - Seti I - Ramses II, which appears to be quite secure. Also, as far as I know, Ramses II did not have a son named Seti, so that would be a problem for your proposal. He did have a grandson named Seti (II).

Your project would at least "prove" how difficult it is to revise established history and chronology. And it would be even more complex to revise my already revised chronology, because I overlap the 22nd Dynasty with the 18th Dynasty. Regardless which one you pursue, you'll have to create some very detailed charts and reconcile a mountain of names and other data in order show that the overlap between dynasties is workable. That is why I advise it is the work of a career and not a year.

The Classical Greek period is not an area of consideration for me, but I think it is derived (at least loosely) from the Egyptian chronology. It is safe to assume that the Egyptian chronology is wrong, but determining the real one is not trivial. Again, there is a mountain of data to process in this period as well.


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