Re: Can of Spinach? Mostly Water!

Yes the past is important since its used to shape the future in this age. The Age to come is also a cause for alert. Perhaps by design.

Truth is; says the Thrice Great Thoth "The future is not yet here and the past is gone; and even Now slips away before we can finish saying it" So where shall we seek to remain?

Finding the Esoteric Now is the most important sythetic concept if any at all shall be embraced; and is the place that wisdom , truth and the voice of reason are found. Yes nothing of the kind really exists. Past and Future - just another silly trick. Loogout for those dichotomy. Loogout!

Besides history is always changing. More so in this age than ages past.

Yes it seems that a least you have honestly read the Bible/Torah enough to search futher. Most people just follow blindly. I too would like some magic food, a magic stick and water rock to pacify me if I was stranded in the desert. Focusing on the past too much can leave us stranded as the Israelites found out after forty years of being stuck in the past; and future.

Now is the place to find all the valuable answers. The voice of God. "Today is the day and Now is the time"