Write Like an Egyptian

You make some good points. If I was cruel with "the gang" it was only to be kind. They are understandably upset to be discouraged in what seems to be a noble undertaking. But if "correctness" is not a high priority, then hitting "pay dirt" should not be a priority for them either.

If the actual priority is English, then they should concentrate on the English language, not Egyptian, and especially not try to take a few Egyptian names of dubious meaning and importance and build a grand theory around them. (They actually argue that point themselves.) They should choose a theme that is much more rich and timeless, such as the transfer of power (in this case from the 18th to 19th Dynasties of Egypt), or the nature of sexual reproduction among ancient royalty (with the Amarna Period as a case study). Topics like these are controversial and lend themselves to engaging rhetoric. Who cares about Mahu or Mehi or even Maya, except a bunch of boring fogies fixated on correctness (at DomainOfMan). The general reader wants to know more about Tut and Nefertiti and Akhenaten, or consider how Ramses the Great might be related to them.

Words are a source of endless fascination. They defy science because people use words as they see fit, and that's what makes them so magnificent. Although I have a talent for language I don't usually trust my own judgment in linguistics. I let the overall context interpret the words and language. I take a macroscopic not a microscopic approach. I am not an expert, I make use of experts.

As the prophet Elijah (Smenkhkare) once said, "I am no better than my ancestors". I resort to being a jerk in order to keep discussions focussed on the new model I propose. I believe I've already hit "pay dirt" and welcome others to work it with me (but not against me). Truth is, even if the model is substantially right, I'm not likely to benefit materially from it, nor do I necessarily need to. This is something to help the next generation enter into the "Promised Land". Us old timers are doomed regardless.