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Not sure its a downer.....while the possibility of a marriage between two individuals two millenia ago and the possibility of current day desendants is after all IMPOSSIBLE to prove beyond any reasonable doubt...the ability to prove that they were not married or that they did not parent offspring is equally IMPOSSIBLE to prove beyond any reasonable doubt....

It is a tremendously important thread projecteing from the tapestry of christian we pull on it more and more I believe (yet again belief not proveable one way or the other) we begin to find truth...and the central truth we may want to examine is the uniqueness of the divinity of Christ.....the underlying truth we may find is that our own divinity and salvation dwells within us....

This truth is quite bothersome vis a vis dogma....if salvation lies within....why do I need to pay a broker (ie. state or church)...the only reason I can find is that they say so...and have the guns to back it up.

Lots of intriquing physical evidence and discovery supporting the notion of divinity dwelling within....Theory of everthing type stuff, quantum entanglements...I really like the way Laurence Gardner touches on the superconductive/transdimensional properties of the human brain....acts mostly like a radio receiver....begs the question where do the signals come are they sent and who is sending them.

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