Life Spams and Lucky Stripes

Should be easy enough to see if their is a correlation between age of a mother's first pregnancy and longetivity of her children. Surely, there is plenty of data available over the past few hundred years that can be collected.

But I suppose there will always be plenty of things that can artificially shorten one's life!

And why should the government or private companies be overly concerned with helping people live longer? It is very sad that most people have no significant retirement income to look forward to, or if they do it is tied to the continued success of their former employer. All pension plans need to be independent from companies. That way, entitlements won't bankrupt companies and pension funds won't become targets for corporate raiders. This will also give the typical worker a chance to accumulate wealth along with knowledge over a century or so of living.

When John D. Rockefeller was asked how much money is enough, he responded, "just a little more"!

And how many human beings on planet Earth are enough?

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