Re: Length of a Generation & Longevity

Charles, thanks for clearing out the spammer...was tempted to order a carton of lucky strikes!!!

I think generational longevity is one of those "Iceberg-Like" topics...directly on point with your themes

I have looked at this issue for a while and have some thoughts...

Average lifespans did not exceed 30 years of age prior to the 18th century...and spans averaged 45 years at the beginning of the 20th century....yet noble and royal lifespans of antiquity were much longer(not including the multiple hundred year metaphor in the begats).

As an ever widening base of the population attains longer life spans the imperative for more rapid wealth distribution increases as a seminal issue...

Wealth creation is partially a function of the accumulaation of the passage of time...

With minimal average lifespans adequate only for birth, physical maturation, labor (practically for the purpose of expanding Kingly wealth) reproduction (minimal foreplay) and death. The pressures to break the status quo of kingly wealth administartion was insufficient....Underlying the global conflicts of the 20th century is the fear arising from this shift to wealth sharing vs. the old world order

No wonder the royal of antiquity drank so much....oh well one day at a time.

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